Lehua Elementary School


Aloha and welcome to Lehua Elementary School's Web Page! We are located at 791 Lehua Ave. in Pearl City, Hawaii. We are about ten minutes away from Pearl Harbor which got its name from the pearl producing oysters that once lived in its warm waters.

Lehua Elementary got it's start way back in 1907 when it was first named Pearl City School. The school was originally located along Kamehameha Highway until it was moved to its present location in 1964. In 1956 Pearl City School was renamed Pearl City Kai Elementary School so that it was not confused with newly built Pearl City Elementary School. However the new name continued to be a problem because people began to get it confused with Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary School. Finally in 1969, the school was renamed Lehua Elementary School.



791 Lehua Ave.

Pearl City, HI 96782

Phone: (808)307-3700

Fax: (808)453-6497


  Aaron Tominaga


School Meal Prices

Student Breakfast: $1.10 (Regular) / $0.30 (Reduced)

Student Lunch: $2.50 (Regular) / $0.40 (Reduced)

          2nd Lunch: $5.50

Adult Breakfast: $2.40

Adult Lunch: $5.50

Extra milk: $0.60 regardless of payment status

This institution is an equal opportunity provider


We are the FIRST Leader in Me Lighthouse School in Hawaii!!! There are only 54 Lighthouse Schools world-wide. There are 1208 schools in The Leader in Me process. To learn more about The Leader in Me program, click on the Habits of Success page.

Habit #2 - Begin with the End

  in Mind (Upcoming Events)

April 3 - SBA Testing Starts

April 7 - LOLA Assembly 1:30

April 13 - PTA Candy Gram


April 14 - Good Friday

April 21 - JPO Drill


     Purple Up Day - wear

          purple to support our

          military student leaders

     PTA Game & Karaoke

          Night, 6 pm, cafe

April 27 - Principal Coffee

     Hour, 8 am, Lehua Ohana


May 5 - Pearl City Complex

     Track Meet

May 19 - Mystery Event

May 24 -  LOLA Assembly

     8:30 am, cafeteria

May 26 - Last day for students

     Grade 6 Graduation

For a copy of the calendar, click on the link above or calendar.pdf

NOTE: Events subject to

change without notice

Lehua is a PEANUT free school. Please do not bring any items that contain peanut butter.
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MS4 Water Pollution Prevention Program

(Click here for resources)

Schools are required to manage and inform the public of the importance of keeping our storm drains clean of debris and pollution.

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